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3rd ACCORD All Staff Workshop, 27-31 March 2023, Tallinn & hybrid
Article published on 26 October 2022
last modification on 29 July 2023

by pottier

At the kind invitation of the Estonian Environment Agency, the 3rd ACCORD All Staff Workshop was organised as an hybrid event over 5 full days, from Monday 27 to Friday 31 March 2023, in Tallinn (Estonia) in the conference rooms at the Tallinn Nordic Hotel Forum - Tallinna südames.

The ASW did run smoothly: WARM CONGRATULATIONS to the Estonian hosts

  • 198 registered participants of which 90 on site,
  • in addition 32 remote participants just popped up without registering,
  • 65 to 95 remote participants during the sessions,
  • 8 sessions plus the opening & closing sessions, and 3 side-meetings,
  • 78 speakers including 19 poster presenters,
  • video-recording: 30 hours. |
    A big THANK YOU to the participants, in-situ or remotely, who made this All Staff Workshop a real success.
    And a big PERSONAL THANK YOU from the 1st CSS ACCORD for all the touching attentions on the occasion of the announcement of her upcoming departure (see photos).

Agenda and list of participants, updated on 27 March

Please pay attention to the sessions times indicated in the agenda. The times are the local times in Tallinn (UTC+3, Eastern European Summer Time (EEST). Most countries change for summer time on 26 March 2023.
For many partners using CEST, the local times are one hour earlier (when the session starts at 09:30 in Tallinn, it is 08:30 CEST).

Link to side-meeting room (Thursday afternoon):

Guidelines for a soft hybrid ASW: for speakers, for posters, for chairs, for participants


  • Monday 27 March: Opening session (Chapter 1), Dynamics session (Chapter 2), Surface session (beg. Chapter 3), surface session (cont.) and posters introduction session (Chapters 4 & 5) :
  • Tuesday 28 March: MQAA session (Chapters 6 & 7), EPS (Chapters 8 & 9);
  • Wednesday 29 March: Code & System session (Chapters 10, 11 & 12), Data Assimilation session (Chapters 13 & 14);

  • Thursday 30 March: Applications session (Chapter 1), Physics session - 1st part (Chapters 2 & 3);
  • Friday 31 March: Physics session - 2nd part (Chapters 4 & 5), Closing session (Chapter 6).

Exchanges in bj chat

Sessions and side-meetings

Posters: Posters introduction

Local information

The venue for the ASW2023 (Tallinn Nordic Hotel Forum - Tallinna südames) offers accommodation with price 124 EUR/night for the AWS participants. Cheaper accommodation offers from some hotels in the vicinity are proposed in the information pack provided by the local organising committee. Nordic Hotel Forum offers buffet lunches with price 29 to 35 euros per person. Please indicate your interest of having lunch in the hotel in the registration form.


Registration is opened for remote participation.

Link to the registration form