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Article published on 17 December 2020
last modification on 22 March 2023

by pottier

The ACCORD logo

Official ACCORD logo (jpg)
ACCORD logo with transparent background (png)
Internet Favicon
This logo was designed by Peep Jürmann and Piret Pärnpuu from Estonian Environment Agency. The circle with 5 musical lines represents unity, commitment and community. Circle has no beginning or end, it represents life and the cycle of life.
Two of the lines were converted to cold and warm fronts because every co-operation has its ups and downs and new possibilities that come of it.
The 26 ACCORD NMSs are like musicians in a symphony orchestra who practice and rehearse together and the outcome to the ACCORD users is like music to their ears.
Some templates for presentations

Logo to download (on different formats)

  • In December 2020, Patricia proposed to draw a logo based on the meaning "chord" (accord or close word mean "chord" in many of the languages used in the 26 ACCORD countries). The 5 lines of the musical slave have been converted into waves. Following the proposal by LTMs during the LTM kick-off meeting, the clef and the notes have been replaced by some SYNOP weather symbols. With its "O", ACCORD navigates in calm winds and rides the waves ... Fair winds and following seas to ACCORD !
  • During their meeting on the 31st of March, the Assembly decided to go on with this draft logo for the time being while opening a call for suggestions on how to simplify it and make it more understandable.
  • 12 proposals have been suggested (some came with different versions). This document summarises the 12 proposals (and versions) with some explanations by their authors.
  • The PAC has been asked to do a first selection and has kept 3 proposals.
  • The Assembly Members choose among these 3 proposals (group of logos coming with different versions), prior to the 2nd Assembly meeting.
  • During the 2nd Assembly on the 2nd of July 2021, a final choice within the 5 versions of the preferred group was done.
Short summary of the proposed logosIn detail, different versions of the proposed logos

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