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ACCORD introductory text for NWP reviews
Published on 5 March 2021
by pottier
A news was published (in French) to announce the ACCORD birth. This article can be used for similar announcements in scientific/technical (...)
Management Group: call for application and Term of Reference
Published on 8 January 2021
by pottier
After some 30 years of cooperation, the ALADIN, LACE and HIRLAM Numerical Weather Prediction Consortia have decided to reinforce their (...)
ACCORD birth: press release
Published on 17 December 2020
by pottier
On the 30th of November 2020, ACCORD birth was announced and the Press Release below was relayed by ACCORD NMSs, Ministers in charge, WMO, ECMWF. (...)
Declaration of the ACCORD Assembly, 27 November 2020
Published on 1 December 2020
by pottier

27 November 2020

The NMS Members of the ALADIN, LACE and HIRLAM consortia decide to join more closely their scientific research efforts towards (...)