Article published on 19 May 2021

by pottier

The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) advises the Assembly on strategic and policy matters of the Consortium. The PAC meets only when requested by the Assembly. Its meetings are generally held a few weeks before the meetings of the Assembly (MoU, item 86).

The ToR of the PAC are defined in the Annex IV of the MoU.
The PAC is convened only when necessary, on request of the Assembly, to review any subject of importance to the Consortium and prepare decisions of the Assembly. Subjects discussed by the PAC may include, among others:

  • Negotiation of strategic collaboration agreements, based on negotiation mandates defined by the Assembly
  • Issues on the IP of codes
  • Relations with emerging countries
  • Issues on code licensing or any unforeseen use of the codes
  • Amendments proposed to the present MoU

PAC Members are tasked to consult among the grouping of Members they represent, in order to acquire a broad vision of the diversity of points of view, interests, constraints and aspirations of Members. PAC must consider the legal regulations of the Members.
The PAC reports its conclusions to the Assembly, generally under the form of recommendations. These recommendations shall be decided by consensus of all PAC members. Whenever the opinions of the Members discussed at the PAC session are not amenable to consensus, the PAC should report all presented opinions.

The PAC members can be contacted by email (accord_pac mailing list) or individually (see the composition of PAC).
The minutes of their meetings are published after email approval.

ACCORD PAC Group photo gallery, from 1/1/2023