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6th ACCORD Assembly, video-meeting, 26 June afternoon 2023
Published on 9 January 2023
by pottier
The Assembly decided to organise the 6th meeting of the Assembly as a virtual meeting. The Bureau, in charge of defining the exact date, proposed (...)
3rd ACCORD All Staff Workshop, 27-31 March 2023, Tallinn & hybrid
Published on 26 October 2022
by pottier
At the kind invitation of the Estonian Environment Agency, the 3rd ACCORD All Staff Workshop will be organised as an hybrid event over 5 full (...)
5th ACCORD Assembly, Darmstadt, 7-8 December 2022
Published on 10 August 2022
by pottier
EUMETSAT kindly agreed to host the 5th ACCORD Assembly in their premises in Darmstadt on 7 December afternoon (from 14:30, following the EUMETSAT (...)
4th ACCORD Assembly meeting, 7 July 2022
Published on 5 April 2022
by pottier
The 4th ACCORD Assembly meeting was organized as a video-meeting on Thursday the 7th of July at 12:30 (CEST). Agenda Opening and welcome: (...)
3rd ACCORD Assembly, 8 December 2021
Published on 13 July 2021
by pottier

The 3rd Assembly took place on the 8th of December as a video-conference.

Agenda Opening and welcome Adoption of the draft agenda Governance: (...)

2nd ACCORD ASW, 4-8 April 2022, Ljubljana (hybrid)
Published on 25 June 2021
by pottier
The Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) has kindly proposed to host the 2nd ACCORD ASW in Ljubljana, from April 4 to April 8 2022 at Austria (...)
2nd ACCORD Assembly, 2 July 2021
Published on 25 May 2021
by pottier
During the 1st ACCORD Assembly, the Assembly decided on a PAC meeting at the end of March and, depending on the PAC recommendations, the STAC (...)
STAC meetings
Published on 1 April 2021
by pottier
STAC meetingDatePlaceMinutes 4th STAC meeting 3 November afternoon and 4 November morning Copenhagen (hybrid) minutes 3rd STAC meeting 10 (...)
PAC meetings
Published on 26 March 2021
by pottier
PAC meetingDatePlaceMinutes 3rd PAC meeting 11 October 2022 video-conference minutes 2nd PAC meeting 27 April 2022 video-conference minutes (...)
MG meetings
Published on 26 March 2021
by pottier
MG meetingDatePlaceAgenda Regular MG meeting 1 July 2022 video Regular MG meeting 17 June 2022 video Regular MG meeting 3 June (...)