Article published on 6 January 2021
last modification on 22 February 2021

by pottier

In 2006, the ALADIN Workshop and the HIRLAM ASM took place for the first time in parallel on the samelocation. From 2007, the ALADIN annual workshop was joined with the HIRLAM All Staff Meeting, with more and more common sessions. Since 2001, a repertory of the aladin website is dedicated to these meetings: program, list of participants, pdf of the presentations, minutes of the discussions. From 2015, real time stream broadcasting was proposed to remote participants and the sessions were recorded (videos available). On even years we meet in an ALADIN country and on odd years in an HIRLAM country : 2016 (Portugal), 2017 (Finland), 2018 (France), 2019 (Spain), video-conference (2020). Slovenia should have organised in 2020 ... it is now postponed to 2022 as the 2021 ASW will also be organised as a video-conference. Estonia (or Ireland) should be the organisers in 2023.