Reports from Scientific Visits
Article published on 13 December 2021
last modification on 9 August 2022

by pottier

The ACCORD budget funds Working Weeks and Scientific Visits between ACCORD teams.
In 2021, due to Covid pandemic, most of the WWs and visits were converted into on-line meeting or cancelled.

  • 2022 (visits planned in the DAP2022, costed Detailed Action Plan, reports will be added after the visit takes place)
    • Ahto Mets (ESTEA), Daniel Yazgi (SMHI) hosted by Alex Deckmyn (RMI) : Development of harpSpatial
    • Abdenour Ambar hosted by MF (Toulouse) Yann : Interaction Dust/turbulence & Lima
    • Ait Meziane Mohand Ouali hosted by IPMA (Lisbon) Maria Monteiro : DA8: B-matrix computation@belenos (scripts and methodology)
    • Suzana Panežić (DHMZ) hosted by CHMI / Alena Trojakova : Further sensitivity studies with radar reflectivity DA
    • Matjaž Ličar (ARSO) hosted by OMSZ/Helga Toth : Remote-sensed observations in SEKF
    • Ana Šljivić hosted by Eric (Toulouse) : Develop a simplified version of ISBA, in order to implement a Surfex-independent test case in DAVAÏ for the 3 CSCs)
    • Roel Stappers hosted by Alexandre (Toulouse) : Collaboration on common working environment tools and share of information on OOPS status
    • Alina Lerner (ESTEA) hosted by Roger Randriamampianina (MeT Norway), 09–27.05.2022 : Set up a high resolution NWP system with DA: report
    • Mohamed Mokhtari hosted by MF (Toulouse) Yann : Coupling LIMA-Aerosols-CAMS, 7-21 June 2022, report
    • Maria Monteiro (IPMA) hosted by MF (Toulouse) Pierre : B matrix issues
    • Rolf Heilemann Myhre hosted by RMI (Brussels) : Code adaptation tools
    • Ana Šljivić (Croatia) hosted by FMI / Laura : Physics PH6.3 - radiation
    • Piotr Sekula (Poland) hosted by FMI / Laura : Physics PH6.3 PH6.4 - radiation
    • Harold McInnes (Met Norway) hosted by SMHI/Ulf Andrae, Patrick, Daniel Yazgi, 13-17 June 2022 : EPS E11.2 - Extend SPP to surface parameters: report
    • Geoffrey Bessardon (Met Éirean), Sandro Oswald (ZAMG) hosted by FMI (Ekaterina Kurzeneva and Olli Saranko) and approved by LTM : Applying ML for physiographic maps (SU5.6 of RWP2022).
    • Carlos Geijo (AEMET) hosted by Magnus Lindskog (SMHI), 27 June - 1 July : Meteorological Radar Doppler Wind Data Assimilation in HARMONIE-AROME using the Field-Alignment Algorithm: report
    • Michiel Van Ginderachter hosted by CHMI : Graupel in ALARO PH3.5
    • Mustafa Başaran (MGM) hosted by ZAMG (Vienna) : EPS 8.5 - Implementation of C-LAEF for Turkish domain
    • Marvin Kahnert (tbc) hosted by KNMI/Wim de Rooij : PH2: capacity building: Wim to teach Marvin the details of the Harmonie-Arome turb/shallow convection codes
    • Rachel Honnert hosted by ZAMG/Christoph Wittman : Shared evaluation of the 3D orographic effect on the turbulence (Goger) recently implemented in AROME with ZAMG tools developed for Alpine region
    • Mats Dahlbom (DMI), Jana Sanchez (AEMET) hosted by Martin Ridal (SMHI), 9-13 May 2022: Radar assimilation (common quality control/monitoring/status update, Doppler winds Data Assimilation, preprocessing radar data, ...): report
    • Kristian Pagh Nielsen hosted by Quentin Libois & Yann Seity / Toulouse : Discuss evolution of radiation physics: report
  • 2021
    • Metodija Shapkalijevski, SMHI (Sweden) & Samuel Viana, AEMET (Spain): Implementing the roughness-sublayer parameterization in SURFEX vegetation-atmosphere coupling, 22.11.2021 - 26.11.2021, hosts Aaron Boone, Quentin Rodier, Patrick Le Moigne, Météo-France (Toulouse): report
    • Ahto Mets (Estonia), 8.11.2021 - 03.12.2021, host Carl Fortelius, FMI (Helsinki): training on diagnostic monitoring and verification practices: report
    • Alina Lerner (Estonia), 18.10.2021 - 05.11.2021, hosts Roger Randriamampianina and Per Dahlgren, (Oslo): training on the data assimilation processes in Harmonie system: report
    • Maria Monteiro, IPMA (Portugal): Radar DA, 22.11.2021 - 03.12.2021, hosts Pierre Brousseau, Maud Marter, Météo-France (Toulouse)
    • Iris Odak Plenković, DHMZ (Croatia), 22.11.2021 - 17.12.2021, hosts Alexander Kann and Irene Schicker, ZAMG (Vienna): The analog-based method application to gridded data post-processing: report
    • Ana Slivic, DHMZ (Croatia), Piotr Sekula, IMGW (Poland): 18.11.2021 - 09.12.2021, host Laura Rontu, FMI (Helsinki)

Ahto visit, Helsinki, No. 2021 882.7 kb / PDF

Alina Lerner, May 2022 916.8 kb / PDF

Alina visit, Oslo, Oct. 2021 838.9 kb / PDF

Carlos Geijo, June 2022 1.6 Mb / PDF

Harold McInnes, June 2022 578.6 kb / PDF

Iris visit, Vienna, Nov-Dec 2021 843.3 kb / PDF

Kristian Pagh Nielsen, Toulouse, April 2022 1.2 Mb / PDF

Mats Dahlbom and Jana Sanchez-Arriola, Norrkoping, May 2022, 682.8 kb / PDF

Meto and Samuel visit, Toulouse, Nov. 2021 176.8 kb / PDF

Mohamed Mokhtari, Toulouse, June 2022 4.4 Mb / PDF