Organisation of R&D activities in ACCORD
Article published on 6 January 2021
last modification on 15 July 2021

by pottier

The R&D activities in ACCORD are organised by the Area Leaders of the thematic areas or through thematic working groups. Dedicated email lists are available by Area.
Each thematic area or working group has also dedicated pages on the ACCORD wiki where the teams exchange about the relevant Work Packages in the Rolling Work Plan, the Working Weeks, the video-meetings, etc ...:

  • Thematic Areas
    • System, AL :Daniel Santos Muñoz (Dk)
    • Data Assimilation, AL: Roger Randriamampianina (No), team organised in DA Research Teams (RT) and Support Teams (ST)
    • Surface, AL: Patrick Samuelsson, team organised around the RWP work packages, complemented with 2 thematic groups: Snow Analysis lead by Ekaterina Kurzeneva (Fi) and Urban group lead by Rafiq Hamdi (Be)
    • Dynamics, AL: Ludovic Auger (Fr)
    • Meteorological Quality Assurance, AL: Carl Fortelius
    • Physics: Physics area is lead by the Physics Working Group composed of the PM (Claude Fischer), AROME CSC Leader (Eric Bazile), HARMONIE-AROME CSC Leader (Jeanette Onvlee), ALARO CSC Leader (Martina Tudor), Transversal activities Area Leaders (Piet Termonia and Daan Degrauwe), Sylvie Malardel (Fr)
    • EPS, AL: Henrik Feddersen
    • Transversal Activities, AL: Piet Termonia and Daan Degrauwe
  • Thematic Working Groups
    • Machine Learning (ML)
    • Very High Resolution Modeling (VHR-MOD)
    • Seamless Data Assimilation, VHR-DA for NWP and Nowcasting (DA-SEAM)