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Strategy 2021-2025
Article published on 5 January 2021

by pottier

A strategy meeting was held on 3-4 February 2020 in Toulouse for defining the strategic objectives for 2021-2025, and identifying the activities and resources needed to achieve them. Common key objectives for the new consortium for the next five years were agreed on:

  • for the usual scientific areas as described in the Rolling Work Plan: data assimilation, dynamics, model parametrizations, surface, EPS, quality assurance and system
  • the key actions needed to achieve greater interoperability between CSC’s and a more common working environment
  • the possibilities and challenges arising from new technologies: computational science aspects, optimization of code/algorithms, performance and scalability on a variety of HPC architectures, possibilities from machine learning, the handling of increasingly large data volumes, etc.

A document "ALH Strategy 2021-2025" was written, based on the conclusions of this strategy meeting and approved by the ALADIN-HIRLAM joint Assembly on the 6th of June 2020.

ACCORD Strategy 2021-2025 245.5 kb / PDF