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Access to Meteo-France machines
Published on 21 September 2023
by pottier

The access to Météo-France machines is granted to ACCORD colleagues, upon request according to the following rules:

– for a ssh connection to WALLIX (...)

Musical Adventure
Published on 30 May 2022
by pottier
In the spirit of ACCORD logo, the choir of the Portuguese meteorological service, known as "O TEMPO CANTA" and its conductor Sérgio Peixoto are (...)
Published on 14 February 2022
by pottier

Find information on people, teams, committees and bodies :

ACCORD MG-CSS calendar
Published on 19 October 2021
by pottier
Time zones
Published on 27 July 2021
by pottier
The 26 ACCORD Members belong to different time zones and the time difference between 2 members can be quite big (bigger in winter) even if the (...)
Published on 19 July 2021
by pottier

For acceding the ACCORD wiki pages on the CNRM Redmine system, you first have to ask for the creation of a user account.

To do so, please connect (...)

Published on 17 December 2020
by pottier

The ACCORD logo

Official ACCORD logo (jpg)

ACCORD logo with transparent background (png)

Internet Favicon (...)

Mailing lists
Published on 17 December 2020
by pottier
All staff of the NMSs members of ACCORD are welcome to subscribe to the mailing list and receive ACCORD news and (...)
Templates for presentations
Published on 17 December 2020
by pottier

Article updated on the 5th of July 2021 with the new ACCORD logo.

A template (see the pdf and the libreoffice documents) is proposed, with two (...)