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During the 1st ACCORD Assembly, the Assembly decided on a PAC meeting at the end of March and, depending on the PAC recommendations, the STAC should meet and work on technical guidelines about a (...)
Article published on 25 May 2021
The Programme Manager (PM) is the highest executive officer of the management structure of the Consortium (ACCORD MoU, item 99). See the article dedicated to the PM selection. The Project team is (...)
Article published on 19 May 2021
The main role of the Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC) is to advise the PM and the Assembly on scientific and technical issues (ACCORD MoU, item 92) The ToR of the STAC are (...)
Article published on 19 May 2021
The Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) advises the Assembly on strategic and policy matters of the Consortium. The PAC meets only when requested by the Assembly. Its meetings are generally held a (...)
Article published on 19 May 2021
Each Member shall staff a Local Team Manager function, corresponding to roughly 0.1 FTE, to assure the good liaison between the Member and the project team (ACCORD MoU, item 117). The ToR of (...)
Article published on 19 May 2021