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Article published on 14 February 2022
The ACCORD budget funds Working Weeks and Scientific Visits between ACCORD teams. Other visits are directly funded by the NMSs, or the groupings (HIRLAM, LACE). In 2021, due to Covid pandemic, (...)
Article published on 13 December 2021
Article published on 19 October 2021
ACCORD Newsletter n°4 4th ACCORD Newsletter, published on 19 June 2023 We welcome herewith the 4th ACCORD Newsletter. The 4th ACCORD Newsletter contains a fair limited number of contributions (...)
Article published on 5 October 2021
The 26 ACCORD Members belong to different time zones and the time difference between 2 members can be quite big (bigger in winter) even if the majority belongs to the Central European Time (...)
Article published on 27 July 2021