4th ACCORD Assembly meeting, 7 July 2022
Article published on 5 April 2022
last modification on 10 August 2022

by pottier

The 4th ACCORD Assembly meeting was organized as a video-meeting on Thursday the 7th of July at 12:30 (CEST).


  1. Opening and welcome:
  2. Adoption of the draft agenda:
  3. Governance:
    1. Changes in PAC & STAC rep., MG, LTM
    2. Interest expressed by Latvia to become an observer in ACCORD
    3. Collaboration with COSMO
  4. Modernisation of working practices & status on code adaptation
    1. wrap-up about the source forge and modernization of working practices
    2. progress and plans on code adaptation
    3. outcome of STAC
  5. DestinE Initiative and ACCORD
    1. wrap-up about DestinE (status of bid proposal),
    2. outcome of PAC
  6. Dates of Consortium events, including date of next Assembly/ies
  7. A.O.B.
  8. Closing

Adopted minutes of the 4th ACCORD Assembly

PM slides presented during the meeting