Declaration of the ACCORD Assembly, 27 November 2020
Article published on 1 December 2020
last modification on 25 June 2021

by pottier

27 November 2020

The NMS Members of the ALADIN, LACE and HIRLAM consortia decide to join more closely their scientific research efforts towards developing the tools of excellence for NWP on Limited Area Domains by entering into a new, common Memorandum of Understanding.
This builds on the success of the Cooperation Agreements concluded between ALADIN and HIRLAM since 2005, and concludes the convergence process launched by their Joint Declaration of November 2014.
The Members of the new ACCORD Consortium note with appreciation that convergence has been achieved regarding the regimes of intellectual property, the distribution policy of codes and products, the resourcing scheme and the practical organization of the work.
They trust that the new organization will increase the efficiency of their collaboration and accelerate the development of common tools of unprecedented quality.
They recognize that different technical constraints and user requirements between the Members do not allow the quick adoption of the same operational configuration for all, and that at any point in time, parallel paths of research must be kept in order to guarantee steady progress.
They however stress that the new Consortium must strive to develop flexible tools, usable by as many Members as possible, in order to minimize and share the maintenance work.
Achieving a real convergence within the shared system will be an important criterion to measure the success of the new Consortium

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