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New CSS from 1st of September 2023
Article published on 17 August 2023
last modification on 9 January 2024

by pottier

Patricia left Météo-France for an early retirement on the 1st of August 2023. The position of the Consortium Scientific Secretary was opened within MF’s recruitment procedures and one candidate was interviewed by a specific panel, including the chair of the ACCORD Assembly, on 28 April. The successful applicant is Mrs Anne-Lise Dhomps. She will officially start her activity as CSS on 1 September 2023. Some overlap between Patricia and Anne-Lise could nevertheless be organized in June.

At the 6th Assembly end of June 2023, Andy expressed ECMWF’s thanks to Patricia for all her hard work over the years. Martin explained how difficult it was to say thanks enough to Patricia. Patricia replied that it had been a real pleasure for her to work with the Assembly Members since the beginning of ACCORD, during the years of the ALADIN-HIRLAM-LACE convergence and, for some Members, since the early days of ALADIN in the last century. She stressed that there was no need to worry about the scientific secretariat, which she leaves in very good hands.
Patricia thanked the teams for all the rich exchanges and pleasant moments spent together since the 90s, and for all the kind messages on the occasion of her departure at the 3rd ASW in Tallinn in March 2023.

Patricia Pottier and Anne-Lise Dhomps, the CSSs doing the liaison