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5th ACCORD Assembly, Darmstadt, 7-8 December 2022
Article published on 10 August 2022
last modification on 9 January 2023

by pottier

EUMETSAT kindly agreed to host the 5th ACCORD Assembly in their premises in Darmstadt on 7 December afternoon (from 14:30, following the EUMETSAT Council) and 8 December morning.

Agenda (PM presentation)

  1. Opening and welcome
  2. Adoption of the draft agenda
  3. Reporting on 2022
    1. Report on RWP2022 and STAC recommendations
    2. ACCORD roadmap and the white paper on R2O/O2R
    3. Interaction between the DEODE work plans and the ACCORD RWP; recommendations from PAC and STAC
    4. Outcome of WG-interoperability
      1. physics interoperability roadmap proposal
      2. opening of the Physics AL position
  4. MF: status and plans
  5. ECMWF: status and plans
  6. Plans for 2023
    1. RWP2023 actions & Manpower commitments for 2023
    2. LAM spectral transforms code and possibility for an open source distribution
  7. Budgets
    1. Realisation of the DAP2022
    2. Budget for 2023
  8. Governance and management
    1. Changes in MG, LTM, ST
      1. DA AL
      2. Physics AL
      3. Support Team
    2. Nomination: PAC, STAC
    3. Election of the Chair and the vice-Chair of the Assembly
  9. Dates of 2023 Consortium events, including next Assembly
  10. A.O.B.
  11. Closing

Adopted minutes of the 5th Assembly