7th ACCORD Assembly, Reading, 4 December 2023 - Minutes published
Article published on 1 February 2023
last modification on 2 April 2024

by pottier

The 7th ACCORD Assembly was organised as an hybrid meeting (video-conference and in-person meeting in ECMWF premises, Reading, UK) on Monday the 4th of December 2023 (whole day), before the ECMWF and EUMETNET Councils (Reading, 5 to 8 December).

Thanks to Patricia Pottier for the picture

Agenda (PM presentation)

  1. Opening and welcome
  2. Adoption of the draft agenda
  3. Reporting on 2023
    1. Report on RWP2023 and STAC recommendations
  4. Plans for 2024
    1. RWP2024 actions & Manpower commitments for 2024
  5. Budgets
    1. Realisation of the DAP2022
    2. Budget for 2023
  6. Governance and management
  7. MF: status and plans
  8. ECMWF: status and plans
  9. Update on the preparation of the scientific strategy for the next phase of ACCORD
  10. Strategy for international collaborations around the common codes
  11. Membership
  12. Dates of 2024 Consortium events, including next Assembly
  13. A.O.B.
  14. Closing

Météo-France and ECMWF presentations could not be given, but their representatives made their slides available.

Adopted minutes of the 7th Assembly

minutes_accord_7th-assembly.pdf 1.5 MiB / PDF

pm_assembly7_dec2023_forwebsite.pdf 1.5 MiB / PDF