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Article published on 3 April 2024

by Anne-Lise
5th ACCORD Newsletter, published on 27 March 2024
We welcome herewith the 5th ACCORD Newsletter.
The previous ACCORD newsletter (NL4) was published in June 2023 and incidentally was the last one under the lead of Patricia. Our former CSS however still is present with us as is illustrated in this newsletter. From June last year until March this year, quite some activity has taken place and a number of events have been organized. They are not specifically described in the newsletter however it might be worth mentioning a few highlights here. In the autumn 2023, the preparations for the ACCORD scientific (and technical) strategy for the next five year period (2026-2030) have entered their concrete steps, with the Assembly on 4 December providing a few first orientations. The Assembly also has approved the appointment of a Documentation Officer who will soon be officially announced. At the level of governance, efforts are continuing in order to define a strategic vision for the expansion of international collaboration (and membership) in ACCORD, triggered by the very concrete example of the request by the Indonesian NHMS to join our consortium. Back to managerial considerations and to this newsletter (NL5), it is the first one produced under the lead of our new CSS Anne-Lise, whose involvement in ACCORD has already been welcomed by a number of key actors of the consortium.
In the first set of papers of NL5, the reader will find a large variety of contributions relating to validation and verification in a broad scope. The papers comprise use cases for a 750m model configuration with an emphasis on the impact of the LBC strategy (by our Irish colleagues), statistical verification (Alaro-Romania), the evaluation of a new model version based on CY46 (AEMET), the evaluation of an offline version of SURFEX with TEB over Algiers. The ACCORD team of Geosphere Austria is presenting the work on computing and using a high resolution reanalysis ensemble, the kind of dataset that recently has gained an increased interest ranging from verification and calibration purposes to training AI/ML tools. Last in order but not least in importance, an update on the progress and plans regarding the common verification tool “harpSpatial” is provided by a few of our key developers of the tool.
The second set of contributions include the use of a CNN for statistical post-processing and its evaluation on surface parameters (by our Algerian colleagues), a specific case study of the forecast of a Derecho case (IMGW-Poland) and two national team contributions (an overview of activity by the Polish team and the design of an EPS under construction by our Turkish ACCORD team).
I wish all readers, whether close or somewhat further away from ACCORD NWP activities, a good time consulting this NL5.

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