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STAC meetingDatePlaceMinutes 4th STAC meeting 3 November afternoon and 4 November morning Copenhagen (hybrid) minutes 3rd STAC meeting 10 June 2022 video-conference minutes 2nd STAC (...)
Article published on 1 April 2021
PAC meetingDatePlaceMinutes 3rd PAC meeting 11 October 2022 video-conference minutes 2nd PAC meeting 27 April 2022 video-conference minutes 1st PAC meeting 30 March 2021 video-conference (...)
Article published on 26 March 2021
MG meetingDatePlaceAgenda Regular MG meeting 1 July 2022 video Regular MG meeting 17 June 2022 video Regular MG meeting 3 June 2022 video RWP 2023 preparation, cycles and codes: status of (...)
Article published on 26 March 2021
A news was published (in French) to announce the ACCORD birth. This article can be used for similar announcements in scientific/technical reviews. In that case, please contact Patricia for (...)
Article published on 5 March 2021
List of announced WW or WD by reverse chronological order 2022 DA WW dedicated to Support Teams and OOPS, 20-24 June 2022, Barcelona (Spain): more information on the ACCORD wiki dedicated page (...)
Article published on 11 January 2021