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For acceding the ACCORD wiki pages on the CNRM Redmine system, you first have to ask for the creation of a user account. To do so, please connect to the following link: (...)
Article published on 19 July 2021
The NWP codes shared and developed in ACCORD use, to some extent, the IFS/ARPEGE global codes as backbone. Additional codes, not directly related to (...)
Article published on 15 July 2021
The 3rd Assembly took place on the 8th of December as a video-conference. Agenda Opening and welcome Adoption of the draft agenda Governance: Changes in PAC & STAC rep., MG, LTM Update of (...)
Article published on 13 July 2021
The Slovenian Environment Agency (ARSO) has kindly proposed to host the 2nd ACCORD ASW in Ljubljana, from April 4 to April 8 2022 at Austria Trend Hotel Ljubljana. The meeting is organised as an (...)
Article published on 25 June 2021
ACCORD MG recommendations for newsletter articles: articles about quality assurance (e-suite verification or validation of newly installed cycles), case studies with evaluation of model (...)
Article published on 1 June 2021